Gemstone necklace - long

The MaiTai Collection long gemstone necklace is made of genuine semi-precious stones. It adds easy and elegant chic to simple and casual outfits, and dresses up effortlessly a day look for an evening.

The necklaces are hand strung and knotted, and consist of genuine facetted garnet and smooth amazonite beads, as well as smooth and carved jade (turquoise and vieux d'or) and agate (plum and hot pink) accent beads. The facetted surfaces catch and reflect beautifully the light, adding a discreet sparkle to the ethnic chic carved jade and playful tassles.

The tassle part (tassle plus hand carved jade with a flower motif) is detachable, so you can attach your own favorite charm, or combine the tassle with other necklaces.

Vieux d'Or

58.5 cm version with accent beads in carved jade


63cm version with accent beads in smooth jade

necklace as above


63cm version with agate accent beats

Hot Pink

63cm version with agate accent beads

Left: size 58.5cm, right: size 63cm

Size chart: shorter version (size 58.5) on top, long version (size 63 below)

Price: 149 EUR plus shipping.